Aya Fair Trade

Buy a bag. Fund a future.

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Do you need to raise money for your organization? Are you tired of the same old fundraisers? Do you want your fundraiser to have a greater impact? If you said yes to any of these, then we have the solution for you! Not only will you raise money for your organization, but you will help seamstresses in Ghana and we will fund one week of education for a child in Ghana for each bag you sell.

Here's how it works: We will send you a box of our best selling products. You and your group will host parties, set up a table at different events, or anything else to sell the bags! When you're done, just send back anything you didn't sell and you get to keep half the profits! Here's the breakdown:

When you sell a bag, you keep half the money! 20% will be reinvested into the company for development, marketing, and expansion. 20% is used to cover the cost of making the bag and delivering it to you, and 10% will go back towards scholarships for kids in Ghana. If you want to learn more about using Aya Fair Trade as a fundraiser, just sign up to the left!